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Advertising Opportunities

  • Admin
  • 08 January, 2019 12:25 PM

Spot2Win LTD offers various advertising options from FOC reciprocal to Paid advertising space and Affiliate programs. See Options available.

Advertising Opportunities.


Spot2Win are looking for businesses we would like to advertise on our website. Ideally business that offer services and products that complement the products we offer as prizes.


Advertising Options

1 – AWIN, we can advertise your business using the AWIN Affiliate Program.


2 – Reciprocal Advertising FOC, we each have a banner advertising the others website with a direct link.


3 – Paid advertising on one of our 1170 x 184mm banners – we have 5 locations of which 2 on the Home page with 2 on the product page and 1 on the check out page. These advert last for 1 month and charged at £295+VAT per month with discounts of 10% for the year priced at £3,186 Plus VAT.

These adverts are scrolling and will show for a minimum of 5 seconds per minute 24/7 for the period you choose.


Our Prize Competitions

To further increase your reach and appeal we advise our advertisers to take advantage of our competitions and provide us with a FOC product / voucher / giveaway we can use in our competitions on which we will further market your business through Social Media Marketing. Prizes provided will be accredited with the supplier’s business name and link to their website from with competition.


Our Bi-weekly competition will have a guaranteed winner every 2 weeks. We may have 40-50 prizes to choose from and it’s important to understand only one winner will win one prize. So even though your prizes / company have been promoted the prize you have allocated may never be won, possibly the best free advertising ever.

However if your prize is won it will need to be delivered to the winner within 3 days of the competition closing. All marketing of the winner will be for the sole use of Spot2win.


Our Monthly Promotion competition will have a guaranteed winner every month and on this competition you will have it solely to yourself. On which you can advertise as many prizes as you want up to 10. At the close of the competition one winner will win one of your prizes. You can promote the winner on your Website and through Social Media in Print, Radio and TV. You can arrange with the winner to meet them and take Video and Pictures etc... Marketing Gold Dust!!!

The cost of this opportunity is £1,500 + VAT for the month’s promotion and the cost of whatever prize is won. The prize must be delivered within 3 days of the competition closing unless otherwise agreed by the winner.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.