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How to Play Spot2Win

  • Admin
  • 26 November, 2018 15:52 PM

A simple guide to Spot2Win games, where you can win Cash and tech.

We promise to keep it simple!

Every week we will add a new Spot2win game image. This image will have the ball removed and all you have to do is guess where you think the centre of the ball is. 

Add your game credit, Choose your coordinates and hit PLAY (told you it was simple).

We have 2 types of games running.
The first is the weekly competition. You can play this as many times as you like and you will get the chance to win items from Designer bags to The latest Apple gadgets (You choose what you play for). There will be 1 guaranteed winner every week.

The Second game is our Big Ticket game, where we will supply a number of tickets, and once they are gone, they are gone! These prizes will be much higher in value, and when all the tickets are sold, we will pick our winner.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win either, because if you come close to choosing the right co-ordinate, we will be awarding runner-ups FREE game credit for doing so well.

You can earn game credit for referring your friends too!