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Social Media 1st Quarter Analysis

  • Admin
  • 30 November, 2018 11:02 AM

Spot2win LTD 1st Quarter trading social media development.

1st Quarter analysis of Spot2win LTD


Spot2win Started trading through its website 17th July 2018. So in its first ¼ we have established quite a following on social media and growing daily.



We have built up a membership of over 300 in the first 4 months and this membership bases is beginning to get some traction with around  35 – 50 new members joining weekly.

We are generating over 4,000 page views per month of which 1,200 were unique.

We are extremely proud that 46% of our visitors are female.

We are also gaining around 150 page likes per week on Facebook while instagram is gaining around 80 new followers per week.




Our aim is to target our prizes to our member’s interests, we currently cover Media/Tech quite well and we will be introducing prizes to cover Food and Dining, Arts / Entertainment in December 2018. These will include tickets for two to see the new west end Tina Turner show, Visit the Shard with a 4 coarse meal included. And Thames Cruise with 2 coarse meal and wine included.