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Why Play Spot the Ball?

  • Admin
  • 28 December, 2018 13:08 PM

Why play Spot the Ball online Prize Competitions?

Why Play Spot the Ball with www.Spot2win.co.uk ?

First of all you may be wondering what Spot the Ball is. Take a look at our video which will guide you through how to play https://www.spot2win.co.uk/how-to-play, We also have some FAQ’s that can answer any questions that might arise https://www.spot2win.co.uk/faqs. If your intrigued and wonder if anyone has won while playing our online competition then please take a look here https://www.spot2win.co.uk/winners If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us https://www.spot2win.co.uk/contact-us

Your skill Matters

 Playing Spot the Ball relies on your skill more than on your luck. It takes skill and judgement to look closely at the image and decide where the players are looking, where they are moving towards, body language etc... For you to be able to place an X where you think the ball should be within the image. We have online tools to allow you to draw lines to help choose where the players are looking and this can help you decide where you want to place your mark.

Honing your skills

The more you play Spot the Ball the better you get. We show all winners on the website and you will see the winning coordinates and in your account you will see the last 12 months of games you played in. You can review where you placed your selections and see how far or close you where. We also reward players who came close in the way of Game Credits. The game credits can be used to purchase further game tickets which will help you build your skill levels. Because you can see where the winner had played and where you played you start to pick up pointers that build your skill levels that hopefully will result in being a winner of one of our great prizes.

Fancy having a go? Sign up is both Free and Easy simply go to https://www.spot2win.co.uk/users/registration

Playing is easy to

Step 1:

Choose your prize and number of tickets you want. Go to your basket and click Proceed to Play.

Step 2:

Play spot the ball:
Play spot the ball with each ticket! Be sure to increase your odds of winning by purchasing more than just one ticket and make use of your Game Credits which can be redeemed at checkout.

Step 3:

Wait for the judging to take place:
Once the competition closes the game is judged and a winner is notified within 3 days.

You have to be in it to win it! Come join the fun and play for a big prize and join our winners in our hall of fame www.spot2win.co.uk