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Spot the Ball is an image of a sporting scene where the ball has been edited out of the image. The name of the game is place an X using your skill where you think the centre of the ball should be.
Game Gredit is awarded to players who have come close. New Members can also get Game Credit as a welcome gift. Refer a Friend is another way to earn Game Credit. Game credit can only be used within the weekly game and cannot be redeemed for as cash. You can not use game credit on the Big Ticket games.
Ticket prices will vary from prize to prize. We have tickets from £1.00
We limit you to 100 tickets for each competition.
Choose the prizes you want to play for and select the number of tickets you want buy. Proceed to the basket and complete payment to proceed to the Spot the Ball game. Simply place the X where you think the centre of the ball should be.
To play Spot the Ball you have to use your skill and judgment and because it is a game of skill we can operate without a license.
The weekly competitions have a set time limit and the remaining time for that competition can be seen with the competition page. The results are announced between 3-5 days afer the competition has closed.
You will get an email to say you have entered and that payment has been taken. You can view your account and historical purchases will be shown.
You can contact us through the contact us page and we will do our best to answer your questions.
Yes - you can choose a cash alternative instead. It will be 80% of the prize value.
We will deliver to anywhere inside the UK. For winners outside the UK we will pay for delivery and UK VAT but we will exclude any further costs like VAT, Taxes, Import Duties and Registration that are due in the destination countries. This is the reponsibiity of the winner.
We have two ways to decide the winner. (1) Pre game selection - The promoter allocates a set of co-ordinates marking the centre of the ball within an image prior to the game starting. When the game closes the closet to the centre of the ball wins. (2) Post Game Judged - Is when the competition closes we allocate a judge to decide where in his / her skill judges the centre of the ball to be. Once judged their co-ordinates will be entered into the game software and the winner be automatically selected based on who is closet to the centre of the ball. In Both cases should there be more than one player with the correct co-ordinates the software will automatically pick the winner who purchased their tickets first.
Our weekly competition will include a wide range of prizes and once the timer runs out the game will close. There will be a winner every week or Bi-weekly.
There will be a preset quantity of tickets available to win one prize. The competition will only close when all tickets have been sold. If the timer runs out before all tickets have been sold then the competition will continue for another week and continue to do so untill all tickets are sold.
If your using Game Credits or a Promo Code the value of these cannot exceed 70% of the ticket value. 30% has to be a paid transaction.
On the vry first game you play you must pay a min of £5 to receive the £10 automatically into your account. If you dont do this you can contact us by email and once you have spent over £5 we can add the game credit manually to your account.
You add the Promo Code into the promo box at checkout, however please be aware that a min of 30% has to be a paid transaction. So you can claim upto 70% of the basket with your Promo Code.
We will keep adding time to the competition to give the tickets time to sell. However if we decide that the tickets wont sell we will close the competition and 70% of the ticket value raised will be paid to the closest player.