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How we want to expand Spot2Win

  • 14 June, 2018 09:21 AM

The idea of Spot2Win started as a dream. One which was pondered on for a couple of years before it could no longer be contained as just a dream.

Now the business is powered by ambition, passion and innovation. Even before the business has started it has the potential for great things and to make ordinary lives that bit more exciting. It gives normal people chance after chance to win items that otherwise would be out of arms reach.

Our promise to you is that we will aim to keep the prizes fresh, weekly, and make sure that only the best items are up for grabs. Cash, Mobile phones, Tablets, Designer Bags, Watches and Spa breaks are a handful among many, and that really is just the beginning. With the success of the company will also come even bigger and better prizes. Our mission medium term is to grow the prizes to include Cars, Motorbikes and Family holidays, with a long-term goal meaning you will be able to play for property and Luxury Cars! Our Long-term goals also include bringing the prices of tickets down so that it is even cheaper for our members to play for prizes.

The company is driven firstly by you, the people that are supporting our journey, the recommendations that you give us, and your ongoing excitement to play Spot the ball. Secondly, the company is driven by our team, which is small but made up of people who are truly passionate about Spot2win.

The more we come together and the more people we can gain to follow our journey, the better it will become.

Why don't you follow us on social media and watch us deliver on our promise!

The very best of Luck!

The Spot2win Team.