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  • 03 November, 2018 18:38 PM

With Christmas just around the corner and lots of you confused on what to get for that special lady in your life, we have made things easier.

We have compiled a list of prizes that you can play for and that will get you in the good books come December 25th.

Most of the ladies I know LOVE being cosy. And that's exactly what UGG boots are intended for. These are a beautiful take on the classic with bows that add a little feminine touch. Tickets £1!

If you are set on getting something extra special and the lady in your life loves her designer and luxury brands, then the Chanel Bag is one to play for. Again this bag is an upgraded take on the original Chanel quilted bag, and it's simply gorgeous. Tickets £12.31.

Next up and both very recent and heavily desired by all women this Xmas is the latest hair stylers by DYSON. The Dyson Hairdryer has been on the market a while and still much loved, and the Airwrap was only released last month. You can't go wrong with this gift and it works for any age. Tickets £2.88.