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  • 07 December, 2018 17:32 PM

Here at Spot2win we believe everybody should have a fair chance of being a winner. So, instead of offering just one game that results in 1 winner every 2 weeks, we are adding multiple games with multiple prizes and thus multiple winners.
Each game will have an allotted amount of tickets and the game closes when all tickets have been sold.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you have a higher chance of winning than ever before. Grab as many tickets as you like to increase the odds of you being a winner, or just stick with one and still be in with a higher chance of winning than in our old style competitions.

The games will be separated, with similarly priced items grouped into one game. This means you are paying a fair price across the board.

This doesn’t just mean a better chance of winning. It also means much bigger and more expensive prizes. We aim to add prizes worth thousands providing the allotted ticket games go well. 

All you have to do is play!

What will stay the same?

As ever, we will still have runner-up credit for those that came close to spotting the ball in Zone 1,2 and 3. You can also still redeem credit when you play our new style games.

As always the winner will be who was closest to the centre of the ball and the winner is notified within 3 days of the game closing.

We hope you enjoy playing Spot2win and Good Luck!