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  • 15 December, 2018 14:57 PM

As you may be aware we have recently added new allotted ticket games. We have decided to offer Discounts for Multiple Ticket Purchases. 

If you buy more than 5 Tickets you will receive a 2% discount.
If you buy more than 10 Tickets you will receive a 5% discount
If you buy more than 20 Tickets you will receive an 11% discount
and if you buy more than 50 tickets you will receive a whopping 25% discount of your purchase.

These discounts apply across all 3 allotted ticket games, so you can still receive a discount if you buy tickets from each of the 3 games.

We are always thinking of new ways to incentivise those members who play Spot2win often. 

Please give us any feedback you think we could do to know! We would really love to hear it!

The very best of luck!

The Spot2win Team.