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About Us

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Company History

Spot2win is a relatively new business going live in Summer 2018. However, the idea has been rattling around for a couple of years now.

Let me paint a picture - The decision to change from daydreamer and become proactive in the creation of this project came back in July 2017 while sat around a pool in Turkey in 40 degree sunshine with an ice-cold beer to cool me down while the kids played in the pool having the time of their lives. The wife with a Gin and Tonic in one hand and dabbing her sweaty forehead with the other hand trying not to get her kindle wet from the dripping sweat, LOL. She will kill me for this image you all have now. With music playing in the background I was away with the fairies in daydream land thinking about spot2win (yep id already named it) and the great quality prizes we could offer from small cash prizes to property. It was around the 3rd day repeating the above that I started to become a little fidgety (probably the sunburn) that I decided I would make a start and 10 months later here we are.

My Passion

From leaving school back in 1988 I started work in a builder’s yard (weekends) and full time in a food factory, leaving to work as a joiner in a woodworking factory where I stayed for 13 years before leaving to start my own timber manufacturing business which I still run. During this period, I also built up a property renovation and rental business which I still run as well. These two businesses have been my passion for the last 17 years.

I also have other passions for Property, Gadgets, Cars and Motorbikes and it’s these interests/passions that has driven me over the years. So, the question I posed myself was “what business I could start that would encompass my passion’s?”. You guessed it, a prize competition that would allow me to work within my interests and allow others that share in the passion for Property, Gadgets, Cars and Motorbikes the chance to play a game of skill to win great prizes.

Company Mission

In the early days we will be offering smaller prizes like Cash, Mobile phones, Tablets, Designer Bags, Watches, Spa breaks and other similar items. Our mission medium term is to grow the prizes to include Cars, Motorbikes, Family holidays with a long-term view to include property and luxury Cars.